8/26/2017 - 9/30/2019


Norderstr. 71ug
20097 Hamburg

Instrument-Builder Pinazola // Workshop for Music and Acoustics.

The spaces of Len Pappe's sound-installation relate the story of a workshop for the construction and invention of instruments. This acoustic scenography uses as building stones valuable oddments and remainders gathered from Hamburg Schauspielhaus Theater productions: extra props and pieces from its stage-design workshop. This use of remains is then pursued with the recycling of strings from the Knauer piano-repair service. The story concludes with the adventurous design of the viewer-immersive piano. The entrance foyer, which serves to stock parts and plan instruments, gives on to a long corridor, the so-called soundwave-lock. Its purpose is to activate and sensitize the ears before one makes the decisive step of entering the sound laboratory. Here, new playing techniques and acoustic phenomena can be investigated and tried out. This laboratory is a walk-in instrument. The Pinazola laboratory is now available to sound-researchers whose own experiments mesh into this installation – as it has also been lending itself as a setting for concerts by guest-musicians.

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08/26 and 27

unlimited liability” welcomes Instrument-Atelier Pinazola // Workshop for Music and Acoustics in its space. Len Pappe's installation and use of four rooms is in continuous transformance. It includes enharmonic inversions and the construction of instruments.

In the fifth space a selection of 30 multiples are on sale in accordance with the special sales terms of “unlimited liability.”

Note: heightened security measures in place.

Preview on klinding (Radio FSK, Hamburg) on 08/18/2017: audio recording (German)

Andy Hayleck at Instrument-Builder Pinazola Laboratory // Workshop for Music and Acoustics

7:00 PM
to midnight

Outside the window bees buzzed (2017)

Audio Documentation

'Basically, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the large window in the room where Pinazola is installed; the view of the destruction outside while inside it is a hive of creativity. I decided to extend a long, tensioned wire from inside the room to a place in the courtyard, towards the disturbed earth outside. Each end of the wire is attached to an amplifier that passes the alternating current of an audio signal. The current generates a varying magnetic field, which interacts with an external, fixed magnet to cause the wire to vibrate. The wire vibrates without being touched, causing the harmonics of the wire to rise into our range of hearing. Inspired by the input signal, they vibrate as each feels appropriate.'

In addition, guests were be able to strum and otherwise activate the fifteen wires already strung between the walls of the room. Outside the window bees buzzed is an experiment that makes use of the sound-laboratory in keeping with the Pinazola concept: a test set-up wich interacts with the spatial context and its sound characterisitcs. The sound-laboratory is thereby expanded in its potential for play and sound.

Thanks to the Verband aktuelle Musik Hamburg for its financial support

Ansgar Wilken and Lea Fabrikant

8:00 PM

Artists' statement: Lea Fabrikant riss sich mit den von Michel Chevalier geliehenen Klaviersaiten den Fuß auf, und zwar gerade in dem Moment als sie sich aus der kalten Dusche kommend in Sicherheit wähnte. Die beinahe unerträgliche Hitze im Dachgeschoss der Berliner Altbauwohnung, deren Art noch um 1920 herum von Walter Benjamin als “Mietskaserne” diskreditiert wurde und die sich mittlerweile zum Traum interessierter meist eher junger internationaler Menschen mauserte, vibrierte. Ansgar Wilken hatte sich nach Erlaubnis von Lea Fabrikant fast vollkommen entblösst, nur die Hose war noch an. Kleinstpercussionteile lagen auf dem Boden verstreut, es war immer noch nur die Probe gewesen und doch blutete und rumorte es und das Rehearsal hatte Züge angenommen, die den + 30 Grad dort draussen in der Intensität kaum etwas nachstanden. Plötzlich gab es einen Schuss. Lea Fabrikant und Ansgar Wilken hielten inne. Ansgar Wilken nahm einen Schluck aus seinem “Gösser”, Lea Fabrikant suchte etwas unter dem Tisch, ein Mobiltelefon surrte, Übersprunghandlungen gewannen für einen kurzen Moment die Oberhand. Jedoch war niemand verletzt, der blutende Fuß wurde mit Gaffatape versorgt, alles war in bester Ordnung.

David Wallraf

8:00 PM

Audio Documentation

On October 1st David Wallraf's performance utilized modular synthesizers, guitar amps, and electro-mechanical devices directly activating / striking the piano-wires stretched between the walls of the space.

Lea Fabrikant (strings) and Ansgar Wilken (percussion)

11:00 PM


Video Documentation

Audio Documentation (first set)

Audio Documentation (second set, with Michel Chevalier bass clarinet)

Female Singer Wanted


8 PM

Modified electronic devices connected to synthesizer modules in a not-quite-clear way. The mechanism yields rumbling, crackels, and fuzz with cyclical regularity.

Snrf – tk, snr, snrf – tk, srn

Quitchquitch quieetsch

Brmm bm bm brmm bm – m – m – m

Focus your Audio !

Audio Documentation