08/01 - 10/11/2008

Norderstr. 71ug
20097 Hamburg

Thu-Sa   1-8 PM
Sunday   1-4 PM

An extension of the target: autonopop exhibition/workshop/concert/debate series, "unlimited liability" is a store which sells artists multiples for 30 euros and less—stickers, DVDs, CDs, posters, zines, t-shirts, buttons, food, services, and works whose form is to be determined in the course of exchange with the purchaser.
The only media excluded are painting and drawing.
What makes the project different from multiples-shops and "affordable art" fairs is that it attempts to take the democratization-of-art project into as-yet untested waters. The DIY approach of alternative production/distribution is protected by a firewall against cooptation.

This is done by a legal contract which stipulates that no purchaser may have more than 50,000 euros in assets, subject to penalty in case of false disclosure. The art-gallery world partition of audiences—those who merely "appropriate symbolically" on the one side, "real buyers" on the other—is thereby inverted. Those able to buy at "unlimited liability" belong to social groups excluded (due to their insufficient ressouces) from buying on the art market.

This state of affairs is "shown" as much as the works on sale.

"unlimited liability" sells art production, not art-commodities.

Featured are:
Analyse & Kritik   
Anabela Angelovska/Matthias Schmidt  
AG des Kunstvereins in Hamburg
AStA der HfbK                     
Atomic Tit Corporation
Murièle Begert
Julia Bonn
Markus Binner
Ludovic Burel
Büro Archipel
Kayle Brandon/Kate Rich
Sebastian Burdach
Paul Brunner                   
Doro Carl
Plinio-Natale Cemento-Müller                        Michel Chevalier
Carla Cruz                                
François Deck/ABDP
Maylis Delataulade
Gerhard Dirmoser
3 Rooosen
Jay Droeger
Lloyd Dunn
Christine Ebeling
Cicero Egli/Sophia Bulliard
Jean-Baptiste Farkas
Sabine Falk
Detlev Fischer
Frauen.Kultur.Labor thealit
Stefan Funck
Geostationary banana over Texas
Gorge Trio
Jérôme Guigue
Karin Haenlein
Judith Haman
Bianca Hein
Shirin Homann-Saadat
Kimberly Horton
Anja Hertenberger
inco gnito
Ray Juster
Nico Jungel
Mette Kit Jensen
Beate Katz
Sabine Kullenberg
Sloan Leblanc

André Eric Létourneau
Nathalie Magnan
Alexander Mayer
Pierangelo Maset
Mauvaises Herbes
Jan Middelbos-Mitric
Laurence Nicola
Fabian Nitschkowski
Olivier Nourisson
Helene von Oldenburg
Paper Tiger TV
Silke Peters
Rahel Puffert
Christoph Rauch
Claudia Reiche
Benjamin Renter
Julian Rohrhuber
Christoph Rothmeier
Dodo Schielein
Misha Shenbrot
Gregory Sholette
Cornelia Sollfrank
Temporary Services
Tobias Still
»target: autonopop« Zeitschrift
Wandsbek Transformance
Hanna Linn Wiegel
Christiane Wehr/Klas Rühling
Till Wolfer
Sabine Worthmann
Günter Westphal

Block 4
Fidel Bastro
Wachsender Prozess

Argument Verlag
Éditions Biennale de Paris
Edition Lebeer Hossmann
Éditions PPT


08/01, 8PM,  

08/14, 8 PM
Performance: Boris Nieslony

08/16, 8 PM
Screening: videos from "unlimited liability"

08/23, 8 PM  
Concert: Elektronengehirn

08/30, 8 PM    
Bent Guitars: Installation by Christoph Rothmeier and Christian Ribas in concert

09/06, 8 PM

Bat Boxes: presentation by Shirin Homann-Saadat

09/11, 6 PM
Insecurity in the Hafencity

09/13, 4 PM
"Not just the cake, but the whole bakery" Workshop +
public board game Bianca Hein and Julia Bonn,
followed by a concert: Chad Popple (Perc.)/John Hugues(Bass)/Sabine Worthmann (Bass)/Misha Shenbrot(Visuals)

Bonus Program

09/28, 8PM
Screening: videos from "unlimited liability" II

10/11, 8PM
Round-table discussion: "unlimited liability, etc.: with or against gentrification," moderated by Nicole Vrenegor (Analyse + Kritik)

Thanks to Kunstlabor naher Gegenden, medienpädagogikzentrum hamburg eV (mpz), Café Cabo Lounge