4/2 - 4/2004

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Reuchlinstr. 48
70178 Stuttgart

Soft Logics

Rahel Puffert presents AVisit to Nagel's

he Cologne-based Galerie Nagel was well-known in the `90s for exhibiting young "institutional critique" artists such as Andrea Fraser, Renée Green or John Miller.
March 2003: The pristine, new Gallery Nagel Berlin advertises its Michael Krebber show with a retro-constructivist invitation card, featuring the slogan "pop politics." In one of many conceptual pirouettes, Krebber´s invitation card is an appropration of a page from the German pop-music magazine SPEX. Is this to be understood as an attempt to conceptually dissolve exclusion mechanisms and their manifestation via categories such as `high´ and `low´, `elite´ and `mass´—even forging, perhaps, a connection to the exhibition´s location: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz?
Circumventing the show´s "no press release" policy, this video engages the gallery employee in an investigation of high-end commodity fetishism.