Hamburger Hochstraße 24
near Hein-Köllisch Platz
20359 Hamburg

»target: autonopop« open mic.

Tobias Still, Rahel Puffert, und Michel Chevalier open a discussion round with various non-binding topics, — including the following:

"who is the public for art? Who should the public for art be?"

"where is art ? Where should art be?"

"is ambivalence a quality when one experiences art?"

"is the selected distribution channel (artist-run space, affordable multiples, internet, commercial gallery) a part of the content of the respective artwork?"

"what if artists were not economically dependent on sales of "works", but instead were paid intervention/exhibition fees?"

"who/what prevails in the current art-market/institution synergy?"

"what would happen to art if class domination were ended?"

"true, false, or open to debate: 'Projects such as "Wir nennen es Hamburg" and "subvision" play their part in the spectacularization and depolitization of committed, grass-roots work in the art field, and thereby aid the efforts of some to undermine efforts at sustainable critical involvement.' (Cornelia Sollfrank, 1.09)"

"Culure policy = Culture Business?"

"what is a local artist?"

"can contradictions be ordered into a hierarchy?"

This event was made possible thanks to support from the 
Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien in Hamburg

"art and its public"
"hermetic, complacent, provocative... or can art be otherwise?"
"is mediation unwelcome; or is it an integral part?"
"does documentation of an artistic practice contradict the latter?"
"further contradictions"